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04-27-2011, 01:05 PM
Originally Posted by kyle21davdson
Reduce the "Y" positions to 0. The NPCs in the first map also fall from the sky.

I wouldn't worry though... My first foundry mission was probably just as bad! :p

(Also, a Gorn uprising is a fantastic idea... It's lightyears better than... Tribbles! )
Oh I see. Reduce the Y positions to 0. Got it. And BTW I am going to be working on my Gorn Uprising Story for the KDF at the same time as my MU Greek God story. I already know who my main protagonist will be for the MU Greek God story...sort of. Not really going to say who though. It's going to be surprising for whoever plays it. The Gorn Uprising KDF mission will be called Velociraptors Rule Forever and the Mirror Universe Greek God Fed mission is going to be called Who Gloats for Adonais?.