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04-27-2011, 01:53 PM
On the reviews.

How about setting this thing up so that if someone drops a mission before a certain point they can't leave feedback on the mission. I've read LOTS of reviews and some people are dropping mission because they can't find a contact on a Starbase. Then they say the contact is missing or they say they can't find the contact and give the mission a 1 rating. That's unfair to the writer. If they can't find their way around a station then they shouldn't be doing ratings.

I read the reviews before I start missions. They often give an insite on things to look for while playing the mission. I often see a 1 rating given by a person who can't find a common charactor on a starbase. I often see it even when the writer has added the location of the contact at the station. It's unfair to the writer.