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04-27-2011, 02:56 PM
Originally Posted by KillingMeSoftly
I've run this STF a total of three times. Twice on a Federation character, once on a Klingon character.

The first time was the middle of last year when it was truly bugged -- as in, you could not complete it. When you defeated the Borg fleet around Vega colony the mission would not advance and you could not beam down.

Since I've re-subbed I've played it twice, once Fed, once KDF, completed both times no problems. Didn't even have VOIP communication on the KDF run, either, and didn't have a dedicated healer (space or ground). Run with Fed was with my fleet and went just as smooth (VOIP and I was healer). I never noticed any bugs. But I was warned about the "Follow Donatra" bit, that should certainly be fixed.

But the mission is very much completable and is not that difficult at all.
Follow Donatra was still bugged as of last week.....