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04-27-2011, 06:57 PM
Originally Posted by HadynGabriel
Great idea, I wanted to create some "friendly" Romulan NPC's to work with the player in a Federation Mission. I was left trying to use the alien generator to give it my best shot. Then I couldn't dress them like Romulans!

It was my rookie attempt, and I'm sure there's some way around it, but it hasn't been made clear.
You can just use someone in the same faction as you, but put them in a Romulan "Costume", as The Foundry calls it.
You do so (if it's still the same as 3 months ago) by going to the map where the contact is, highlighting them by left-clicking on them, and then choosing the "Contact Costume" setting (or something to that effect) in the mini-window at the bottom of that screen.
Don't forget to SAVE!

You're welcome.
I hope to see your missions someday.