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04-28-2011, 12:38 AM
Originally Posted by hurleybird View Post
Overal damage buff would stay the same as both new and old FAW, but of course you are no longer doing a second pulse.

It's not really a problem. An AOE attack that grants a damage buff against the primary target and starts at ensign level is out of whack. My proposed adjustments may moderately decrease single target DPS at the expense of AOE, or with proper positioning and/or situational usage it could still greatly increase single target DPS (possibly above the level of new FAW due to rolling back the increased drain). Skills should require thought behind them instead of simply using them when off cooldown, which is an issue I see with skills simply grant a damage increase.
Torpedo Spread does the same thing, actually, and it's not out of whack. In fact, it's terrible weak.

Also, if the secondary shots deal less damage then the primary shot, I see no issue. A 15-20-25 % damage buff against the primary target and 20-25-30 % of the base damage to a secondary target for example doesn't sound out of whack.

Which gives numerous issues. First, changing cool-downs will disrupt the builds of most anyone who uses the skill.
Changing how the skill works will always do this. Heck, the change from old to new was a major disruption. Before, using BFAW with Tractor Beam Repulsors was a great idea, isolating a target to get all extra beams on that target. Now, it's stupid, since you want at least two targets in range, otherwise you don't get the full bonus. I'd say that is far more disruptive then waiting another 10 seconds on your power.

Couple this with decreased damage and you might make the skill not worth having. You also haven't addressed the very real issue of weapons drain: new FAW drains more than old FAW which directly penalizes tactical captains and rewards engineers. A tactical captain with dual EPtW and 4 EPS consoles will still put out more damage than an engineer, but aside from those esoteric builds EPS power transfer and Nadion inversion basically give engineer FAW boats the damage potential of tacticals which hugely improved survivability.
Oh, the extra drain wasn't something I wanted to keep either.