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04-28-2011, 03:43 AM
Originally Posted by Gatness View Post
Well that calander says the KDF and Fed fighters should arrive on the C-store on the 21st I believe...

Frankly through I'm fine with character costumes and ships turning up on the C-store, most ships will end up with a grind method to get them in-game anyway. Ship skins on the other hand I'd much rather some free options before they start throwing them in the C-store, course that didn't stop me bying the vor'cha skin now did it...
Yes months after the federation got Craftable Delta flyer. Another huge imbalance. The federation has

Type 8 Shuttle
Delta Flyer
Vulcan Aux Ship
TOS Shuttle
Captain Yachet.

Klingon got grand total of 2. One a 400 day vet reward. So a 3 for every one we get. And of course federation also getting a fighter. So it not like that even anything up. It seems to be that the klingon side is an after thought. Has been and I do not see it changing. I wager when season 4 is release we see that klingon got ever little new stuff. It mainly be thing that where desgin for starfleet with klingon reskin. Or redesign fed missions for klingon. But nothing new and no real grounds toward making them equal factions.

When you got 1/3 of everything or more accross the board and all you see is more federation stuff. It sends a very clear message.

The only question is will other faction get this type treatment or will be reserver for klingons.