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04-28-2011, 03:34 AM
Originally Posted by CapnBludd View Post
Played it yesterdaybefore you either took it down or it became unavailable for some reason, enjoyed it a lot but it seems my review has vanished 8'/ I saw it there earlier this evening but at the moment I don't remember all I wrote, I think I may have pmed you some problems with prisoners being in the wrong places - outside of forcfields and a few other things. I do remember I enjoyed it a lot.

I liked what you did with the door, but add some tricorder trickery to damage the hinges, just pushing it felt wrong. and the tricks to save map changes on DS9. The story was good, and the sets were well done and the effects use was good as well. The 'ghost' looked great. Very good work. I wish they would fix that bug that makes the review vanish 8'/ I was the 1st to play it.
You actually managed to play it while I was testing it on Tuesday... I published it, played through, and then took it down to make modifications. So it was only up for about 30 mins on Tuesday! Still, I very much appreciate the glowing review you left, and the feedback email you sent me in game (I've replied). Thanks again!

As of yesterday (Wednesday), the mission is now properly live )