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04-28-2011, 04:50 AM
I played it and I thought it was the best mission i have yet played on the foundry. the art assets were of the highest quality and the missions was simply awesome.

I got a little lost in the ward. I was exploring around and speaking to the contacts in the wrong order and it got confusing who i then had to speak to. maybe list their names instead of just contact or maybe use way points for the contacts themselves? maybe it was just me, but when you have speak to contact or speak to contact in temple its not very helpful when you dont know the layout of the map. Took me a while to notice the temple for example.

apart from that very minor problem it was brilliant. i wish i could have given it 6 stars.

edit- what was the name of the glowly spirit effect you used a couple of time. i may use that in the future.