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04-28-2011, 04:14 AM
Originally Posted by Jake81499 View Post
On the reviews.

How about setting this thing up so that if someone drops a mission before a certain point they can't leave feedback on the mission. I've read LOTS of reviews and some people are dropping mission because they can't find a contact on a Starbase. Then they say the contact is missing or they say they can't find the contact and give the mission a 1 rating. That's unfair to the writer. If they can't find their way around a station then they shouldn't be doing ratings.
Sometimes the reason that something cannot be found is due to a bug in the mission, like a contact not spawning. The author might not know of the issue, and that their mission is potentially broken.

Also, clear directions are a good idea. If a player needs to search for where they're supposed to be, chance are the author failed to give appropriate directions.

Player feedback on these issues is important, so yeah, they should be able to leave feedback.

Now, should they be able to rate missions? That's another question entirely, and I'm of two minds on the subject.