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04-28-2011, 06:30 AM
I have created some missions and I have tested a lot.

I never saw a contact actually not spawn. I saw them killed by AOE weapons quite a lot of times.
This obviously is something an author should know about. Sometimes players drag combat further away from the spawn point than anyone could expect.

Also many missions use trigger based "objectives" to give the players more freedom and avoid the linear structure of the editor. In that case, due to limitations you will NOT have your usual blinking objects and little circles. You will have to use your brain. As some people cannot even be bothered to read text marked as mission info, that will put quite a strain on them, even with explanations.

From their point of view it is simple: Why should I read that crap. I know STO missions. Little circles here I come. No, they know Cryptic missions.

There are a lot of "unfair" reasons why missions are voted 1-star. As an author, you will just have to live with it.

Fairness is in the eye of the observer. Some people like to read Stephen King. Some wouldn't touch one of his books with a 9-feet stick.

My last two reviews were 3-star for one of my missions:
"Combat to easy" right next to: "Final battle impossible".