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04-28-2011, 08:41 AM
I might also add to this, that I just received my third 1-Star on the basis that the mission was not written in English...

Quote: "buggy and not in english... the rest of the game is in english so this is stupid..."

That's right, the rest of the game is in English for anyone choosing the English flaggie thing on the launcher. Whereas if you pick the German or Spanish one, it will be displayed in German or Spanish. (which I would not do, as the translations are not that good and many missions aren't translated yet anyway. Also, your social view doesn't give all the information).

Also we all know that the Foundry has a language selection, which unfortunately isn't mapped to the custom search by language selection in the Game yet.

In the beginning I wrote tickets for this which were never answered or the ratings removed. Not for my own missions anymore, by that time I had already given up.

You must realize that not every player on this game is a genius. So, learn to ignore the trolls.