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04-28-2011, 11:37 AM
Originally Posted by Zutty View Post
Hello PvPers.

I am a lvl 51 Fed Science Officer. I currently fly a MVAM Prometheus, with a focus on movement debuffs (tractor beam, target engines, chronitons). It works well on taking down BoPs, but I struggle against carriers, especially 1v1. Since everyone is flying an escort these days, I thought I'd roll a new build, and see if I can focus on an anti-carrier role.

What do you suggest?

My first thought is beam target aux/energy siphon/tyken's rift, etc... to disable pet spawns, but most carriers are likely to run at high aux so it seems like a risky strategy.

I also think that I'll need to tank to a certain degree, to match the carrier's HPS.

Don't engage 1 v 1. There's a reason the Red Baron didn't stick around in a fight he couldn't win. If it weren't for plot immunity, the Defiant would've been blown up dozens of times.

You're a sci. Keep on debuffing that carrier and when he uses his shield / hull heals sub nuc him then shockwave. Open up a shield facing with your weapons and HAVE A WINGMAN help finish the guy off.

EDIT: I should update my sig but i'm too lazy. The above comes from a karfi / voquv pilot.