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04-28-2011, 12:52 PM
Originally Posted by Zutty View Post
Hello PvPers.

I am a lvl 51 Fed Science Officer. I currently fly a MVAM Prometheus, with a focus on movement debuffs (tractor beam, target engines, chronitons). It works well on taking down BoPs, but I struggle against carriers, especially 1v1. Since everyone is flying an escort these days, I thought I'd roll a new build, and see if I can focus on an anti-carrier role.

What do you suggest?

My first thought is beam target aux/energy siphon/tyken's rift, etc... to disable pet spawns, but most carriers are likely to run at high aux so it seems like a risky strategy.

I also think that I'll need to tank to a certain degree, to match the carrier's HPS.

Well 1v1 are never a good idea (you just never know for which of you two :p), but for this specifically - movement debuffs are not really what hits Carriers.

If you want to disable or weaken a subsystem, Target Auxillary. All his science powers and his pet deployment rate will suffer. You probably need some stun effect (Trics or PSW) to extend the time he can't react to your firepower. Cannon Scatter Volley or BFAW definitely help with pets.