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Originally Posted by Jake81499 View Post
On the reviews.

How about setting this thing up so that if someone drops a mission before a certain point they can't leave feedback on the mission. I've read LOTS of reviews and some people are dropping mission because they can't find a contact on a Starbase. Then they say the contact is missing or they say they can't find the contact and give the mission a 1 rating. That's unfair to the writer. If they can't find their way around a station then they shouldn't be doing ratings.

I read the reviews before I start missions. They often give an insite on things to look for while playing the mission. I often see a 1 rating given by a person who can't find a common charactor on a starbase. I often see it even when the writer has added the location of the contact at the station. It's unfair to the writer.
Sorry but I have to disagree. One of the big bugaboos when STO went live was that some missions did not state clearly where to go to start the mission in the Mission Objective. Yes, it may have said in the body of the text but it is then lost once the mission starts. So, Cryptic started placing the start point of a mission in the OBJECTIVE text box. It is not unfair to the writer but rather unfair to the player that is taking the time to "enjoy" your work. Take the time to make sure that such information is included.

What YOU consider a "common" npc to some is just a name that a player may or MAY NOT have encountered while playing. Do not ASSUME that the person that players your mission has the same amount of knowledge that you do. In this case, more is better. It means more work for the author but the extra work is far more appreciated then if you fail to include such information.