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04-28-2011, 07:25 PM
Originally Posted by gx4th View Post
Don't engage 1 v 1. There's a reason the Red Baron didn't stick around in a fight he couldn't win. If it weren't for plot immunity, the Defiant would've been blown up dozens of times.

You're a sci. Keep on debuffing that carrier and when he uses his shield / hull heals sub nuc him then shockwave. Open up a shield facing with your weapons and HAVE A WINGMAN help finish the guy off.

EDIT: I should update my sig but i'm too lazy. The above comes from a karfi / voquv pilot.

Sounds like a good plan, until you get into a match that has 3 or more carriers and they are all running the same thing....then there isn't even a contest, I just came from a match that had a well balanced fed team, and klings had 3 sci's in carriers plus whatever else, I think there was a tac and an was ridiculous....there was no way to kill the spawns off fast enough, much less try and kill any of the carreirs off because we were dead before you could blink and I'm not that squishy...not to mention the camping at the spawn point...just really tasteless pvp etiquette in my opion.......i don't expect to win all the time...but I enjoy a good fight.....that wasn't a fight at all.......DEV'S NEED TO TAKE A SERIOUS LOOK AT HOW PVP IS ORGANIZED OR SIMPLY NERF CARRIERS.