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04-29-2011, 04:46 AM
That's why I said 'more' people. And clearly you care as you are fully right to do so. One thing I know by now is Cryptic can't satisfy everyone and it doesn't matter what they do there will be people trying to circumvent the right way to play this game or any game by exploiting everything they can. I'm sure Cryptic has their reasons although I don't know what they are because there are quicker and easier ways of getting emblems than in public pvp matches.

Sadly this is something Cryptic is sorely lacking in, communication and partly consideration. They don't give the community any details other than 'something is happening' leading people to miss out on things they can no longer get or putting a 50% sale on just a week or so after a 20% sale. I was contemplating getting a lot more ships but luckily just got the prometheus. For all those that bought more...seriously Cryptic 'think' before you act. Making money is in everyone's best interest so STO can prosper but can you consider all those people who have now been told they could have saved more? The TOS bundle which was supposedly limited...isn't so limited (could have sworn the offer was up to a few days but it's now been weeks and included in a 20% sale!). It doesn't do a lot for the community trust in Cryptic and that is worth something too.