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04-29-2011, 08:22 AM
Originally Posted by Captain_Revo
you have the team you select as you default in the character page set up. ive never once had the wrong boffs turn up.
I have exactly the opposite. On normal (Cryptic) ground missions, I have four engineers, who I always have assigned as my default away team (the slots way at the bottom of the assignments screen). On standard missions, you get a chance to "choose" the away team, but it always defaults to my standard assigned "ground crew," and I always beam in with my regular, default ground crew. But when I play any UGC mission, I always beam in with a random team of four of my bridge (space) officers, that are slotted in my ship stations. These BOFFs aren't set up for ground, are unarmed, and have never been assigned to my away team slots. I don't get to choose different ones, and I don't get the default away team.

So yes, I am asking a question. Why do I not get my default away team on UGC ground maps, the same as I do on regular maps? Or, if this is a bug, how can I work around it, or can it be fixed?