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04-29-2011, 09:20 AM
Originally Posted by Leirus
I'd love to do that, too. Fact is though, that this EULA restriction even makes sense.

I put a link on one of my websites a few years back. And then recently got a mail informing me, that I should remove that link immediatelly. The site had changed! The new domain owner did not host the contents I had linked to ages ago. He was hosting ... different services involving mostly rather naked or leather-clad females.

While I could still laugh about that one, in some countries the law states that a domain owner is not only responsible for the content he hosts, but also for the content he links to.

Aside from that, while your heart is pure and your reasons good, there are people out there that would probably use URLs to advertise real money trading, power-levelling and all the other stuff one does not want to see.
I agree there needs to be a rule to prevent advertising and such. Maybe it should be no URLs to any site other than the official STO forums. That way people could link to a specific thread where people can discuss the mission, but no other sites are allowed.

To put it simply, people are either going to follow the rules or they arent. Making a slight adjustment to allow only the official forums isnt going to increase or decrease the amount of people who follow the rules, only make it more reasonable for the reason the rule exists, which is to prevent ads or inappropriate content.