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# 9 10 Minutes Notice?
04-29-2011, 10:02 AM
Yeah thanks Cryptic. I don't mind you taking the server down if you're going to notify us in advance, but just 10 freaking minutes in advance does not count.

A Customer


Edit: So it seems nobody read my post, or my subsequent reply, and just assume this is some crazy nerd rage. I know the server has to come down occasionally, and I'm fine with this, but we ought to have been notified sooner.

I work with some very important web based services, and if I made a change to production (i.e. the live server) giving only 10 minutes notice to our customers, I'd get into a HUGE amount of trouble.

This was CLEARLY not an unplanned outage (by which I mean, the server didn't just break down). The term "emergency maintenance" means they just wanted to change something without going through the proper procedures.

It seems obvious to me that this is related to the upcoming promotions for this weekend. Its likely that either...
  • A developer forgot to add something, or left it too late
  • A tester found a bug at the last minute, with no time to schedule a new release
  • Some idiot in marketing decided to run a promotion without telling anyone in the dev team.

I come across this stuff all the time, but there are ways of dealing with all of them. You shouldn't ever end up in a situation where the live server gets taken down with only 10 minutes notice.

I also know that the only way that anything will change is if someone complains, so this is the complaint right here.

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