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04-29-2011, 10:14 AM
Hey all - many, MANY thanks for your feedback and glowing reviews. Really, I can't thank you all enough!

Originally Posted by Captain_Revo
I got a little lost in the ward. I was exploring around and speaking to the contacts in the wrong order and it got confusing who i then had to speak to. maybe list their names instead of just contact or maybe use way points for the contacts themselves? maybe it was just me, but when you have speak to contact or speak to contact in temple its not very helpful when you dont know the layout of the map. Took me a while to notice the temple for example.
This was definitely something to be improved. I've re-done the objectives on that map now, so going to each place and speaking to each person is an objective in its own right. I've tried to make the objectives as helpful as possible, e.g. "Go to temple (north end of plaza)" and "Talk to Nurse Lenta Ramala in Ward 2" etc., and all with appropriate waypoint circles on the player's map.

So thank you for the feedback, it definitely helped me to improve this map!

Originally Posted by Captain_Revo
what was the name of the glowly spirit effect you used a couple of time. i may use that in the future.
It's called Starburst.

Originally Posted by CptLee39
Excellent mission!
I told my whole fleet to try it out!
Amazing - thank you!!