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04-29-2011, 11:46 AM
Just my two cents:

  • Do you consider adding more ship parts in general especially for T5 Ships (fed AND kdf)?
    (T5 Excelsior and Galaxy -X could really use some more alternative good looking ship parts.)

  • What do you think about the idea of giving the T5 Excelsior the option of using T3 Heavy Cruiser appearances?
    (There are some players who don't like the looks of the Excelsior but love the Bo/Console slots and it's maneuverability.)

  • Co you consider implementing swappable Bridge modules, so one could put a assault cruiser BO layout/consoles on a star cruiser?
    If this would be possible, the tier problem would be solved. One could use the bridge Officer/console slots that fits best to his/her playstyle and put it on his/her favourite ship and still, a miranda Class would be much inferior to a sovereign, because hull/shield Strenghts and Weapon slots would be the same as before.
    (In general the same what is being discussed here.)

  • Do you consider giving us more options at the ship tailor?
    Like sliders to strech/shrink ship parts about 10-15% and something to set the angle of the ships pylons a bit, because sometimes there are just small changes needed to make a ship look good.
    (I know some designers at cryptic probably may not understand that...)

  • Do you plan adding more uniform options like placeable combadges, rank insignia or letting us combine uniforms with off duty clothes (for our characters AND bridge officers)?

  • What about Crew uniforms?

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