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# 1 Quick & Hidden Mission?
04-29-2011, 12:47 PM
I have noticed a large number of missions on the foundry now that, to me, seem to be exploitive. The whole mission is to go to a console on ESD and “interact” with it. That’s it -- mission done. You can then pick it up and play it two more time in a row and a get your daily reward in about 15 seconds and then repeat with your other alts. Most of these don’t have information where the start “door” is so they are hidden and can only used by fleets or the authors’ buddies.

Now this seems, to me, not to be what the foundry for was intended. However, with chatting with some people (including a Dev), I got the impression that everyone is okay with it. Is that the case? Are these mission exploits?

Should they be reported?