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04-29-2011, 02:58 PM
The interact with console missions are the most obvious problem, but there is a mission type that is only one-step removed, which is where you zone in and have a "click to complete" button to finish and exit. Could be a contact, console, waypoint, or whatever. The problem is that if they ban all missions like this, they also have to ban all the "RP Lounge," "Fleet Starbase," "Recruiting Video," and "City Building Contest" missions that are also out there, as well as lots of "Training" missions that might include any sort of early exit feature for convenience.

While one of these mission types is intended for completing the daily and the others are nominally meant for something else, they're all functionally the same, and they all do just as well if your only goal is to clickthrough to the daily reward. I doubt Cryptic actually wants to ban all these other non-mission uses people have found for Foundry, so they have a real dilemma in figuring out how to deal with the "click to complete" issue. It's not clear that this is a problem any policy can solve without banning a huge number of "legit" missions that people obviously want to create and use.

I don't know if they're truly "ok" with this whole problem, but for now at least, it seems like they see the cost of tolerating click to complete missions as lower than the cost of banning everything they would have to in order to eliminate them. People who really want to play regular missions and just get some reward are still getting that, after all, even if others are getting the daily reward from the clickthroughs.