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04-29-2011, 03:48 PM
Okay, there was a change made in the Pound, the Euro and the Danish Krona. (The Canadian Dollar is very close to the US one, so we left these values where they stood for the most part.)

We have various token bundles being sold and the exchange rates for foreign currencies are not consistent. This is due to the bundles being made at different times, different exchange rates used, and different rounding techniques. We got frequent feedback that this was too confusing and as such have now set the price for our tokens as a solid measurement. Since the USD price was never changed previously, it was not changed when the other currencies where.

Both the California State Tax as well as the European VAT apply in addition to the base cost, as they previously had been.

If you have specific questions regarding a made purchase, please talk to our biling team, they will be happy to make sure everything is okay or help you if there was an error.