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04-29-2011, 06:54 PM
Originally Posted by WishStone
Since this was often something we got complaints about (remember the threads that the current currency rate compared to the USD was false?) the price for tokens is no longer calculated by or based on the US $.
How are tokens converted to revenue? To the best of my knowledge, revenue from Tokens is only granted to the relevant game team once they are used to purchase items from that game's store.

i.e. A US customer pays $25.00 for 2000 tokens, and buys the Galaxy-X at non-sale prices. Is $25.00 of revenue granted to the STO team? Or is a portion of that amount siphoned off as an internal administration fee?

(One would imagine the internal overhead of selling and transferring tokens in the company's base currency is negligible - as all folk are buying into is a field on a database.)

Either way, what happens if those 2000 points were bought at a different fixed price? Would the same amount of revenue be granted to the relevant team? Or would the revenue reflect the extra amount spent on the tokens?

In the case of the 2000 points above, the fixed price (before VAT) is a full pound higher the UK than it is in the US. Sure, that's only an extra $1.67 at today's exchange rate. But when thousands of customers are buying them it soon adds up.

If a UK customer paid for the tokens and bought the Galaxy-X, would the STO team see a cent more?

If not, where does the money go?