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04-29-2011, 06:31 PM
, they also have to ban all the "RP Lounge," "Fleet Starbase," "Recruiting Video," and "City Building Contest" missions that are also out there, as well as lots of "Training" missions that might include any sort of early exit feature for convenience.
I wrote this earlier, but before this darn wrapper mission came in, no-one would consider RP maps/missions as "exploits".

I can tell you that we used one of my own maps, a court room, for almost 8 hours straight RP. And it was the best Trek feeling I ever had in this game. I think there should be a feature in the editor that just tags content as "not a mission" and it doesn't count against the (pretty new) daily. Problem solved for everyone. No more workarounds needed.

Currently I withdraw maps of this type after use, btw, but 8 hours are eight hours and might get me banned, even though they contribute to the feeling that we are playing "Star Trek" instead of "Space Invaders"... Which is a feeling many Trekkies have.