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04-29-2011, 11:36 PM
Yeah, that corresponds to the different buying power in the different states. It`s not unusual to see the same products being more extensive in Europe, even while some of these products are produced here and shipped to the U.S. (where they cheaper at the end).

But what remains unusual and rude is that we should pay more and not even get the same product. We get no forum in our language and still hovering any buff in the game results in "Invalid Object Path", as it is with the pvp-queue. So it would be fair play, that if Cryptic (other companys don`t have these currency problems) needs to round the c-store prices, its done downward until the game have nearly equal quaility in german and english clients.

I see a lot of good comments and articles to STO in major german MMO-portals, like or in the german trek-community at I also had made good comments for STO occasionally or cleared some wrong statements from other users. For me, as i see like the way we are treated here had changed in the last few months , there is no reason left to backup STO in the future.