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04-30-2011, 01:42 AM
Originally Posted by WishStone
The VAT is not 40%. It depends on where in Europe you live.

The price for the tokens in another currency is no longer directly connected to the $, either. That's the new fixed price we have set for this since we cannot adjust the price by fluctuating exchange rates every few days. The exchange rates between currencies change every few hours even.

As an example: 500 tokens now:
5, 4 or 35DKK.

To compare this with the previous price for 500 tokens:
4.56, 3.94 or 34.63DKK

Since this was often something we got complaints about (remember the threads that the current currency rate compared to the USD was false?) the price for tokens is no longer calculated by or based on the US $.
Can I be honest hear? I like the rounding in this case - sure I'd rather you didn't round up (seriously, the Euro has nearly another 10% added there to make things 'clearer') but perhaps you could arrange for the taxes to be less invisible, currently they're hidden most of the way through the process with you not seeing the actual amount you pay until right at the end - I know there's a sign warning - but this feels sneaky - if a shop did that I'd return the iteam there and then.

Heck, even my receipt doesn't show the price including tax - I'm no lawyer but I would actually suspect that's illegal - or bordering on it. Please, can we make this more transparent?