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Write a decent description of your mission in the info box, if the info doesn't sell your mission, and do it accurately people will tend to just pass it by. I'm not saying to blow the plot like a modern movie trailer does, but hint at what people will do if they choose to give your mission their valuable game time.

There is a mission out there.. Crack in the world or universe, I forget which, but the description is "I'm not really going to describe this one". Well I'm not really going to play it. It's been there for a while now and nobody else has bothered either.

It is a competition folks, you are trying to sell something and get people to buy it. Work on the descriptions, don't ruin surprises, but don't make it seem like something it isn't, that can annoy people and get you bad reviews. You won't get any if the no one picks up the box to try it though.