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04-30-2011, 05:20 AM
I agree and I truly hope we get that link to the forum for missions, as discussed in another thread here.

There are some good missions out there with a one line description like:
"We have a crisis situation in the Tkanis nebula. Investigate, [rank] [last name]."
The above makes me think: "Hours of grind..." but sometimes I'm positively surprised.

Another thing I personally dislike is a very short description and then a very looong version history and/or out of character information.
Version history should have a text field of its own available that is only viewable if you click on a button. It ruins the illusion. And OOC info should be kept short and to the point. Some sound like extended apologies.
If YOU don't have confidence in your mission, why should I play it?

A good description should grab the player. It should make him feel: "WOW? Really? I MUST play this!"