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04-30-2011, 05:37 AM
Originally Posted by bomber482 View Post
So I'm a lifetime subscriber to both STO and Champions Online, which means that every month I get a 400 atari token stipend from CO.

I was under the impression that the points in STO and CO were both changed to Atari Tokens so that cryptic account holders could spend their points across both games without having to buy two different pools of them. So right now I have 1700 atari tokens according to CO, but only 100 according to STO.

Is this supposed to be correct, or am I misunderstanding the purpose/function of Atari tokens?
Maybe the stipend ones are "special?" I know that when I started a CO account last week and decided I wanted the Halloween costume pieces I was able to use Atari points that I had bought on STO to get the Halloween pieces on CO with no problem.