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04-30-2011, 11:18 AM
Originally Posted by Nagorak View Post
I'd suggest trying to make the area a bit more open so the BOs maybe will not have such pathing problems. The walls you're using at the end there may be causing issues since they don't go together the whole way. There also seems to be a serious issue with the Holodeck door not being seen as solid by the BOs, so at a minimum you should put an invisible wall across there (or several layers of them) to try to stop the BOs from warping through it.

Regarding the borg spawning. In addition to my BOs being MIA, it's not really that fun fighting Borg in close quarters with no way too react. The Assimilated attack is almost certain death when you're playing on elite, and you don't have a real player healing (BO healers are too pathetic to catch it and heal through it properly). The BOs even when pathing correctly are too stupid to back off from the Borg, so starting with them right on top of you only makes matters worse.

What I'd suggest is to expand the corridors to the left and right of the Holodeck and have them turn left and right and continue on for a bit. Space the consoles out along the corridors and have the Borg already beamed in (you can place them so in the event they aren't killed during the part where the player gets the console, they will just be part of the Undine/Borg battle). However, I don't know how hard it is to build on that map, since the ground beneath the courtyard might not be flat which would make lining everything up a nightmare. It might be worthwhile to just use a premade Starship interior (maybe the highly damaged Wargames interior) and simply have the holodeck door act as a map transition to Q'onos Under Siege with the arch.

4) A Bit Too Short?
Overall the mission felt a bit on the short side to me. I could have used another full interior map. I don't know if I missed a lot of optional consoles or something, but I didn't see any that I didn't read. If there were more consoles to access on the bridge you might want to make them flashy so people know they can be used.
Great feedback on the whole. I just wanted to highlight these points.

The invisible wall may be a pretty good idea there and I didn't realize people had BOs walking through the door. (I thought they were somehow appearing right outside automatically.) There not only are no gaps in the walls but they all overlap with eachother's geometry slightly.

I've played this several dozen times and I've never been able to replicate the errors. I wish I could see someone else play the mission. Your feedback is some of the most detailed I've gotten but I've TRIED getting my BOs tangled on geometry or pushing them through the walls/holodeck door and I've never been able to, even trying to do it.

Very astute about the mission being one map short. There was another map planned for main engineering where you seal a warp core breach but I could never get the gimmick of the closing door working like I wanted to. Also had plans for some optional endings but the assets just aren't there for what I had in mind so I decided to save both for future missions.