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04-30-2011, 02:40 PM
I really don't understand some people and the way they go about things.

I brought the Guramba for a Klingon character, as i was aware (hoped) that within weeks there would be a Tax Sale like there was the previous year. The 20% saving also allowed me to buy another costume pack for my Fed. Now had i waited and got the Guramba this weekend, i would've saved more, and likely brought something else too, yet hindsight is a wonderful trait isn't it.

But am i mad? No, just like i wasn't mad when i brought my LTS in December only for a 20% discount to the LTS in February. Sales happen and no one can get spiteful because of not knowing when they will be (or the what type of sale or discount will be applied). If we had months of warning that a sale was incoming, no one would buy anything during the run up to this sale, so how is this good business for a company?
Cryptic didn't have to do this ship sale, nor did they have to do a 20% sale a few weeks before. The way i look at it, i saved a little and got a few products that i am very happy with, and that is really all that matters.
But to feel cheated about this...really?

I really like and agree with this line from Captainjtkirk - "Sales happen. Then a better sale comes along"

How many times have we seen this happen in life? If you are not sure, I could easily point to a few holiday/festive periods that implements this over a period of a month or so.