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05-01-2011, 03:14 AM
Originally Posted by PatricianVetinari
Interestingly, I communicated with the CA State Tax Board about being taxed on Cryptic Points (back when they were CP) and the STB said these virtual points for virtual items should not be taxed. Wrote me a nice letter and everything, which I forwarded to STO... Nothing ever changed of course.

I'm curious where the disconnect is, that STO still thinks it's ok to special tax Californians...

I find your statement of communication with the California State Tax Board, to be suspect on 2 counts
1st. It is not the State Tax Board, it is the State Board of Equalization.
2nd If you read the linked document you will find that California Law requires the collection of sales tax on internet sales.

I would hope that this clears up this matter for all California customers.

As for foreign currency exchange rates, Atari set a price that best matched the price they were charging in U$ currency at the time. It is not possible the change the price as often as the exchange rate fluctuates, this means that sometimes overseas customers base rate (before VAT) will be more and sometimes it will be less the that paid by stateside customers. It is not intentional and if you are displeased with the way exchange rates work I would refer you to your respective government entities and potition them to assist in the creation of a more standardized world wide currency.