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05-01-2011, 01:22 PM
Originally Posted by mancom
What's next? Temporary immunity/resistance to phasers, disruptors and torpedoes?
No. We already touched weapon damage with forbidding similar buffs to stack. Pure weapon damage as it is can be handled.

Chaining and stacking of energy weapons is used by almost every good premade in the game. Exploit?
I didn't say anything about exploits.

Of course, I always liked the idea of a kind of "suppressive fire" mechanic - the more shoot at a target, the weaker the targets attacks get, but the more resistances it build up as well... With the current amount of healing (and even one slightly lessened), this isn't really a problem, focus fire is a necessity.

Requiring diversity makes playing in PUGs more difficult, because then you not only have to get lucky and have a decent mix of sci/cruiser/escort on your team, but you also need a good mix of abilities within these ship types/roles. There is already another player with CPB on the team? Guess what, your ship just became useless.
Or his. :p


Diminishing returns yes, but hard resistances... not a good idea.
Diminishing returns might also work, though they still don't change anything on a qualitative level - the PuGger with two instances of the same power is still at disadvantage.

Or maybe he isn't. It's not like the immunity will last the entire remaining power cooldown. Again, then timing is demanded. It might very well be that you can run a team of 2 Charged Particle Burst Guys. If the immunity lasts 15 seconds or so, Only people double-ranking CPBs have to get into conflict with each other. Two guys timing their skills should work fine.

It is hardly as if having two people with PSW is currently a liability, and we have an immunity in place here.

The best thing of such an approach is that it doesn't affect your standard fare PvE at all. Most players play solo anyway, they will never get into conflict with their own-created immunities.