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05-02-2011, 07:15 AM
Originally Posted by Dredson
I am looking for an active fleet.
Regular weekly Borg STF's that are voluntary as opposed to manditory.
The ability to rank up my other players without being penalized.
A mature and helpfull player player base.
No dictators, fleet acadimies or roleplay.
Prefere a smaller fleet but will consider a larger one
Can use vent or teamspeak for STF's

Federation Fleet may just have all you are looking for.

*Regular STF's that are voluntary... Oh yes. We do STF's all the time. And we never force any one to run them.
*Im not sure what you mean by other players, If it is your other toons... We encourage you to have multiple. And if you mean other players that are not in fleet... By all means, We want you to. And let them know about the fleet. Many new members join that way.
*Helpful... We help in many ways, not just missions, but with crafting things you may need and would take you forever to do alone. Or helping you respec for better STF performance. Basically, with anything.
*As for Mature, For the most part we are mature, although I cant say we dont have some interesting fun at times. I would like to think we have balance.
*We do have fleet ranks, but it dose not mean anything but more privileges and responsibility, not power over others. The Admirals have authority, but only to the part of basic fleet rules to keep thing fun, fair and friendly. Thats it. No one tells you how to play or when to play.
*We are one of the larger fleets. But because of how we are, It is what you want it to be.
*And we do encourage all to join us in the fleets TS3 server.

I personally could not ask for anything better.

Ill put the rest of the info in my normal Recruiting message. Hope to see you soon.