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05-02-2011, 02:26 PM
Originally Posted by spencer1519 View Post
So I've been working on a mission, and one of the requirements for the story to be able to move along is that the player enter sector space and take their ship to another location.

Its a rather important part of the story, and yet I can't seem to get it to work properly. Is their a way to leave a custom map and get back to my ship without completing the mission first?

This is essentially what I want to do:

Earth Space dock - Custom Map - Ship/Sector Space - New System - Custom Map.

Is this possible in the current foundry system?
Nope - (and that's why I had to break my story across two missions for that very reason. the Foundry will NOT allow you to transistion the player out to Sector Space proper, and then specify a second 'system door' from sector space in the same mission.

The only workaround is to create a space map of the second system location and 'warp' the player directly there in the map transfer (skipping Sector Space travel entirely).

Yes, there are Dev Created missions that put the player back into Sector Space proper and have them travel to and enter a second system (door); but our Foundry tool doesn't allow that - it's one System Space Entry door per mission limit it seems ATM (don't know if it'll be changed in the future for the Foundry.)