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# 1 Ever have this happen to you?
05-02-2011, 03:39 PM
Something that has been bothering me for a little while, has been reciently the scene of confusion for not just me.

And what I'm refering to, is EXTREME bleed through with shields still showing up. And I'm not refering to Half shields, or a portion of shielding, where it should be expected that your going to be taking bleed through, but shields are showing full strength, and yet being bled to death.

I never saw that happen, until more reciently. And I started to notice it on my Engineer/Carrier first. Now on my carrier, I do run resistance consoles, how ever I also run the Borg Set.

I also noticed it on other ships as well. And I've been starting to wonder, what causes this?

Last night, my self and a fleet mate thought it might have been linked to FAW. How ever after some good testing it wasn't showing the same results neither I've witnessed in the past, nor what he had witnessed just earlyer that night.

So, that makes me have to wonder.. What could be causing bleed through that is so strong that your hull is just dropping while you have max resist, or near max resistances being pumped into the shields to resist that kind of damage..

And shield type doesn't seem to matter much either. I've seen it happen while on my ship that has the Resiliant shields as well, granted slower then say Covariant or Regen shields.

So that makes me wonder, despite sounding like quite a n00b in this situation, but what could cause such near mind boggling bleed damage to where your going from 100% down to 0% witih full shields..

Is it linked to beams? Cannons? Turrets? Dual/Dual Heavy Cannons? I know I haven't witnessed it on Kinetic damage, but it does seem to have something to do with Energy weaponry..

So with that said.. has anyone else witnessed this wierd situation? Or perhaps know what's causing it and might be willing to share it if it's not a glitch with the rest of the class?