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05-03-2011, 03:08 AM
Awww !@#J@#... :S - my very first episode of my story arch needs to be a "captain only" mission.. So I guess they made it so your guys spawn in a safe spot now, but is it possible they could be forced to spawn in an adjacent room, or something if you position the spawn point and build a room, etc? or do they just force it to always spawn your away team into the same exact room as you?

Also - is the only way to test this by publishing the mission? or is it possible with just the Play Mission via the maps editor screen?

I may have to postpone my episode arch storyline and just work on building assets for my stories until this feature can be made available.

Btw, I did notice that if your mission is located on Drozana Station it will just beam you down and not the rest of your away team.. But if you switch maps, then it brings em in.. I assume this is probably the same as well if have things that need to be done on any starbase where you just beam down by yourself..

I really hope they build in the feature to set the map as a group spawn or single "captain only" spawn.. or even the spawn points being able to be set themselves.. PLEASE!

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