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05-03-2011, 07:29 AM
I'm surprised that no one here seems to have noticed that this was maintenance for the Atari ACCOUNT servers, meaning it is not specifically affecting only ST: O, but all of Atari's games.

Seems people complain whether there is maintenance or not, also reading comprehension is also lacking apparently seeing as all the previous posts seem to have missed the fact it is not for ST: O.

Oh and the maintenance posts are mostly automated so the system puts in the date the announcement was made instead of the date the maintenance is actually planned, this is unfortunately out of the mods hands and thus would require them to manually change the date with each and every update.

But then again I guess people would only know these things if they were here since that launch of ST: O, and knew what to search for.

Sorry for being harsh, but I really wish some people would learn to read posts carefully at times.