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05-03-2011, 10:23 AM
Honest question... will healing also be reduced by 25%. I really don't think the "spike" dmg right now is too much. Spike was toned down a few times... with reductions to Rapid Fires, reductions to crazy crtis. (We don't hit 100k+ Beam Overloads anymore.)

Honestly a Well flown engi anything can tank 3-4 ships almost endlessly. Is dmg a dmg reduction needed. I agree that some cruisers seem to melt under rapid fire / BOL / HY type attacks... of course those that know what there doing will tank that from 3-4 ships with ease.

All a dmg reduction does is give even less incentive to fly anything other then a cruiser.

If spike is to be rounded off any further then healing needs to have diminishing returns... or some sort of Incoming and Outgoing healing needs to be added. Perhaps as some other games have done incoming and outgoing healing ratings need to be implemented so for example;

- Cruisers get an outgoing heal bonus with a incoming penalty (Good at support, large ship size makes beamed over engi teams ect less effective)
- Escorts get an outgoing healing penalty with an incomming bonus (Some thinking the nature of the Escort tac orianted crew and crew size make them poorer healers of other ships... but ship size makes it easier to support)
- Sci ships Perhaps get a more balanced number... being fiar at both incomming and outgoing.
- Changes to some of the engi and sci units to effect this stat... ie Hazard System offers +to outgoing Sif unit overs +to incomming or perhaps new consuls to effect both states.

Bottom line healing is far more out of wack then dmg.