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05-03-2011, 11:01 PM
Implementing the OP's idea would make me invincible. Do you really want that? In my Star Cruiser build I can already easily take on most groups of 3 players all alone. 2 players is no problem at all.

Any decent healer will be practically impossible to kill even in a group of 5, unless they are the only decent player on their team, and all players on the other team are decent dps.

Most players who get easily owned now, probably don't do much damage either. You may be making it easier for them to heal, but you're making it a cakewalk for good players.

When a bunch of good players fight another group of good players, the fight would last even longer than it already does. Two good premades facing each other can take a good deal longer than 30 minutes as is. These fights require very intense dps coordination, great knowledge of the game, and great timing, all due to the good healing going around, which doesn't even require a dedicated healer. Removing 25% damage will make these fights ridiculously long - nearly unendable.

1v1 would be dead. Even between two escorts. Fights between evenly matched good escort players can EASILY go over 30 minutes as is. Two good cruisers or scis can't really end a fight.

This idea may have worked in other games, but I don't think it would be a good idea in STO - there are way too many heals going around.

A better idea would be to implement a leaderboard, which would rank all players, and then base the queue system off of players ranks. When people queue up, it would want to put more closely ranked players together. The problem with this is that most of the time, there aren't enough players online pvping to make multiple of these games and have the differently ranked people in separate games. It would make it much easier for new players to enter pvp, as they would enter at the lowest rank, and raise as they get better.

However, were this to be implemented, there would be a rush of people pvping to test it out, which would shortly get the good pvpers highly ranked and just pvping each other, with the normal and worse players playing each other, having a good time, and not getting popped in a few seconds. The good pvpers would be off playing each other, having awesome fights every time because fights would be more challenging, and fun.

If there weren't enough players, then it would be just like it is anyway.

Adding an in-game voice chat would make pugs better, as well.