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05-04-2011, 02:30 PM
Hiding mission doors is an exploit for the reason it is used to intentionally prevent content from being accessed by all players and keep content from being reported for in-appropriate content... These Missions will be reported and any authors that persist in the practice of hiding mission doors could find themselves losing publishing privileges.

Those that think they can continue this practice and thumb their noses at the warnings being given and reasons for the policy should re-think their positions on the practice of hiding mission doors.

Foundry missions are not the property of the Author... Period... They are not yours to say who can play them and who can't and there is no exclusive access to missions permitted. The use of the Foundry by individuals is a privilege and not a right and authors that abuse those privileges may have them denied for purposefully violating the terms of service and the EULA.

By stating in your mission descriptions that a particular mission is intended to be exclusive for any reason and then hiding the mission door demonstrates a willful violation and could be used as sufficient reason to suspend or revoke Foundry Publishing Privileges.

So someone better rethink their position on this subject and withdraw their missions and/or make some changes... We know who some of these authors are and some of the rude and intimidating language used in their mission descriptions to discourage the playing of these missions by any player is yet another violation of the Terms of service and the EULA...

It would be un-wise to continue ranting about how your missions are yours to do with as you please... Tthey are not your missions at all... They belong to Cryptic and must meet the community standards and be accessible to all players.