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05-04-2011, 03:33 PM
I still think the devs made the FAW changes to be in certain point a bit "op" at low tac ranks to give to cruisers some AoE option,a good AoE option,otherwise only having torpedo spread isnt a great anti-spam option.i use it on my kdf BoP and its kinda sux,in fact im thinking about remove it and just add another THY.
I just dont wanna see a nerf just because some ppl are screaming more than others.
As argument to nerf the skill im saw many post from"casual pvplayers" complaining about that,fair enough,but i cant think about a skill that can really turn the table and crush every enemy by it own,ive been playing pvp since a long time in many different games and is always the same,if you wanna win for real go teamwork,if not theres no skill or i-win-button to save you.
Lets wait for further patchs and see how the balance will be,they aready announced that,but turn into crap a skill without a good reason (and a skill used by most of the players,cus certainly most of STO players are cruiser caps would be a big mistake).