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05-04-2011, 03:36 PM
No, the foundry is actually a tool designed so that some very selfless players can take time out of their lives to make missions for other players to play. Cryptic is 'crowd sourcing' they even said it themselves. Now, when a company crowd sources it means that they're relying on the customer base to actually work (FOR FREE) on digital media that the company then SELLS to other customers.

So here's the broken down version:


There are undoubtedly going to be people that say that the player content is 'free' for other players and I would like to strike them with a big economics book. The player content isn't free because the people playing them are paying subscriptions to do so. Think of it like this, every time that you make a mission that someone else plays ... you just made Cryptic money. In order to comprehend this concept, you have to remember that most players buy a monthly subscription which is essentially purchased 'game time'. This time is then 'spent' playing missions like yours. This all adds up when you think of the size of the community and the amount of content donated to STO.

So essentially, the players are making Cryptic MONEY by giving them 'FREE' content to 'SELL' to other players ... plus they're paying subscriptions to do so.

What the OP and I are saying is that this is messed up, because it's like an employee paying their boss for the privilege of working for their boss. Do you see where I'm coming from? Would you like to pay me twenty dollars for the privilege of mowing my lawn?

I think that Cryptic should make the foundry open to accounts regardless of active subscriptions or not. The way I see it, every minute that a player spends in the foundry working on a mission is one minute of free labor donated to Cryptic free of charge. Players are offering their labor to make STO more fleshed out and I think it's ridiculous that Cryptic is charging them for it.

Now, I personally suggest that players should have an active subscription to upload their missions. This would work well for several reasons, but the most prominent is that it'll keep people coming back to the game. It'll also ensure that more 'quality' missions will be made by players as they'll be able to tweak and perfect their missions on their off time and then upload them whenever they resubscribe.

Sorry, I'm an Economics major and I can't help but find these kinds of situations absurd. Even taking into account the cost of servers, it doesn't offset the human labor. All of you mission authors need to think and realize that your time is very valuable and you're giving away your skills for free (plus you're paying for it). I'm just amazed by this experience ...

...Anyone want to work for me? I won't charge you much.