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05-04-2011, 03:48 PM
Originally Posted by Captain_Revo
i swear i saw a mek'leth added to the crafting screen on tribble for like a day before it was removed, but that was a while back.

i think they will come eventually. its probably they just need to hook the different animations required, up to our characters, and its probably not a huge priority.

maybe we will see them in season 4 with the ground changes?
Perhaps we won't see them also...I am willing to almost bet that they do what they did to us again in season 4 what they did in 3....Almost everything launched for the Feds whilst we waited for some of our items to be finished...If they cannot release the content in the state they are saying they want to for their players, then they ought to place the date back farther for release......After all.....we hate being treated like we either don't exist (which if they are finally redoing Qo'Nos; is not the case), or being treated as though we do not matter in the grand-scheme of things...

Things will improve, slowly, but I forsee more of the same until someone pushes a STRONG Klingon agenda....perhaps when or IF we have a feature episode series relating to the Klingon faction...releasing new Klingon things, or such......