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05-04-2011, 04:30 PM
Originally Posted by Sarianni
I could probably package your entire mission in an email. It's all just code.
I think you're more of less correct about this; although it's likely even less than that. At most all you're actually creating are a few dozen or hundred records in their back-end database with all the object IDs and attributes you selected. Still, with 100s of thousands of players, even something that seems like a modest amount of data adds up really quickly. There are also caching and load concerns, since RAM is cheap, but it isn't unlimited. And disk seeks can add up to a lot of delay. There is some cost to this stuff, just like there is some cost to inventory and bank slots. It might seem like another 10 or 20 slots can't take up that much room, since it's just rows of integers in some table somewhere. But it all adds up, and when you factor in the growth in storage based on huge numbers of players, plus the load for increased search and retrieve times, it gets expensive real quick.