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05-04-2011, 05:44 PM
I'd quesstimate that a mission is about 3-4 megs, top. Object and map limits make that sure.
If every player filled their quote to the limit then,
50.000 players * 8 mission * 4megs=1,600,000 megs => 1.6 TB.
1.6 TB server HDD with RAID and all costs somewhere around $3.000-5.000.

Sarianni, your thinking is correct, however, you leave out a few things.

- Foundry is a time sink built into the game to make players stay and pay.

- While you build maps, you don't get mad on the lacking/bugged content.

- The whole thing is designed to be easy, but time consuming to use. It should take ages to get anything decent done.

- You can't import or "move" missions. Here is why: A 30 days sub is $15 a retail box+a DD box COMBINED is about $10-13 (I got mine for $7.5). This gives you 60 days. Since the whole game is mainly built around leveling an other toon, it is cheaper to keep getting 2 boxes - 60 days. Now if you had this offline->load online thing then you could load your missions to your current 60 days account, work on them and publish from there. Well, it is not possible, so you either keep paying a $15 sub or say goodbye to the edit right of you missions.

The benefit from the actual end result (ie UGC missions) come after all this. If noone ever made a playable mission, but players would keep trying and subbing for months then the foundry would be considered a great success by the shareholders.

Oh, and your last comment reminded me to an old joke:

2 CEOs are talking shortly after the depression hit.
- I can't pay my employees any more. Can you?
- No.
- Do your employees still show up to work?
- Yes.
- Hm. I have an idea! How about we make them pay an admission fee?