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05-06-2011, 09:31 AM
Originally Posted by GryphonSatyr42
I love the Section 31 uniforms They look very Borg... so of course my Borg crew is decked out in them, all shiny and black
I ended up putting my Starfleet Klingon in one because it made me think of Worf's special ops gear.

However, the Borg thought did occur to me. Once I can promote my first officer to a playable Captain, my plan is for my Liberated Borg Admiral to trade the rest of his crew via a friend to the new Captain and then pursue an "all Borg" crew with custom aliens. I already put my female BOs in the 7 of 9 hand and face implants and I'm hoping for a Locutus or Hugh costume set otherwise.

Although when Captain -> BO hits, I may roll a bunch of Liberated Borg alts and do whatever it takes to make them crew for my main. (My suspicion is they'll all need to be pretty high rank to convert into very rare bridge officers.)