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Well. I just skimmed over the latest "Ask Cryptic" for May 2011...and two questions, and their answers from Cryptic, caught my eye.

The Cryptic representative answering the questions is Mr. Dan Stahl. The link to "Ask Cryptic May 2011" is here:

Here are the two questions:

Q: Felderburg When will Klingons get Orion, Nausicaan, Gorn, etc. ships at lower levels?
A: Our goal in 2012 is to add more variety to the KDF ship lineup so that there are viable ships in each class at each tier. Over the next several months you will see us release new Klingon ship variants at the lower tiers. Few of these will be non-Klingon ships. It is TBD if you will ever see low tier ships that are Orion, Gorn, or Nausicaan, based on whether or not the KDF faction increases population over the next year.

Q: Cheysuli I think a great mission for the FEDS and KDF too have a mission arc around bringing both sides to the negotiation table too try to end this war or too bring a cease fire. Even though we are at war there should be at least a try at peace.
A: Hold that thought and stay tuned!
The way I sort of interpret this is that progress (i.e. new ships, etc) for the KDF faction is directly tied to the KDF faction population....and the other thing I get out of this is that, as has been rumored in some other threads and which has always been sort of dismissed in the past is that there may well be a main plot element that will bring the KDF and Federation factions back together in Alliance.

I don't mean to put words in anybody's mouth...but there it is in print.

Ah well. Perhaps I should not have expected anything less. I guess that eventually we will indeed find out. Time will tell.....